I write books for children. I live in London with my husband, two sons and Jones, our MAGNIFICENT cat (his full name is Goldhills Pride Thundercat Indiana Jones Faber- but that’s a bit of a mouthful and only used when he’s been bad).



This is me


and this is Magnificent Jones


We like books so much we keep a tiny library outside our house. Anyone passing can add or take a book. The books inside it change all the time but it’s always the children’s ones that go first.


Some other things I like include the colour yellow, cheesy puff crisps, the seaside on a cold day, reaching the top of a mountain, patting ponies, dark chocolate brownies, bedtime, bonfires, bluebell woods, crazy golf, fizzy cola bottles, stripy socks, sledging, reading aloud, roses, hot baths, feeding ducks, Scrabble, a good stick, mud pies, free wheeling on a bicycle and pudding.

I don’t like plummeting-type heights. Or candied peel.


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