Tiny Tapir Trouble

I didn’t mean to leave it 6 months but 6 months it must have been because it seems it’s time to celebrate the imminent publication of the THIRD set of Mango and Bambang’s adventures: ‘Tiny Tapir Trouble’, all wrapped up in glorious turquoise stripes, comes out on the 1st September. Which is this very Thursday. Two days away. Whoopee! There are four more adventures for our friends inside which might involve sandcastles, mustard on the snout, an unexpected parcel and stomach settling doughnuts. More than that I cannot possibly say of course.

This very Thursday, 1st September, also by coincidence marks 6 months to the day that my nephew left us. Since Elliott’s death there have been many beautiful tributes and fundraisers in his memory. Newspaper articles have been written. Cups and theatres and prizes have been named in his honour. Races have been run, hats sold and shows performed to raise money for charity in his name. These active remembrances continue and they help.

‘Tiny Tapir Trouble’ is my contribution. It is dedicated to Elliott. The stories in it have a loose theme of the different ways of belonging to a family and what it means to be part of one. And family of course can include not just those people directly related to you but those you are close to in other ways too. To celebrate Elliott and mourn 6 months without him, his relatives and friends; his lucky¬†family, are meeting this week to picnic together on his favourite meal of Pad Thai washed down with Dirty Chais in a Sydney park. I’m sorry I can’t join them but there will be Pad Thai on the menu here too. Although I might pass on the Dirty Chai and find a turquoise cocktail instead for my toasts. If that’s okay Elliott? This one’s for you anyway dear nevvy.

And one final treat. The paperback of The Not-a-Pig also comes out on Thursday. Look! It’s wrapped in shiny purple stripes like a chocolate bar…


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