It’s February tomorrow (yippee! January isn’t anyone’s favourite really is it?), which makes it officially one month until the publication of ‘Tapir All At Sea’; my and Clara’s second set of adventures about Mango and Bambang. It’s coming out on March 3rd in fact, which just happens to also be World Book Day: A very good date indeed. I wonder if anyone will be dressing as a tapir this year?

And so, just before the Christmas, I had my first experience of receiving my first copy of my second book. Which turned out to be EXACTLY as exciting as my first experience of receiving my first copy of my first book. I did a lot of whooping and cradling and running round in circles again and then I put it on my Christmas tree as its most magnificent red and gold bauble.

tree two

This week I had another first; my first proper author visit to a school where none of the children knew me already and, more critically, without Clara there to wow all with the drawing of beautiful things.

I was particularly nervous when I arrived and discovered that all the classes were named after carnivorous predators. Would Bambang and I escape the Lions, Pumas, Jaguars, Panthers, Leopards and… TIGERS alive??

Fortunately they turned out to be pussy cats in disguise, and I had a fantastic time talking tapirs with some of the already-experts and introducing others to their charms for the first time. All the children had some very thoughtful questions for me. My favourites were: “Do you and JK Rowling and Roald Dahl often hang out together?” (to which the answer was a sad “No,” in the case of JK and rather more relieved “No” in the case of Roald…) and “What’s the meaning of your work?”; the answer to which I will be pondering for many years to come.

And they in their turn got to be the FIRST SCHOOL IN THE WORLD to have a sneaky peek at ‘Tapir All at Sea’ and hear the beginning of the first story. They seemed to like it. I hope you will too.

So a huge THANK YOU to magnificent Alexandra Primary School for looking after this first time author so well. I feel I can do anything now.


Finally, here’s a lovely picture of Mango and Bambang I was sent this week. Doesn’t he have a magnificent snout? As I have now been efficient enough to add a Contact Me bit to this website, do send me any other pictures or even questions if you would like to. I am especially good at the easier questions like, “Is Polly Faber your real name?” and “How old are you?” but I am up for practising the trickier ones too…

2 Replies to “Firsts”

  1. I too shall be running around in joyous circles until March the 3rd, and feel we can be inordinately proud of our red and gold bauble. Congratulations on your first solo performance, clearly a huge success!


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