Lovely Launching

On Thursday, Mango and Bambang were officially, properly launched into high society with purple prosecco, swanee whistle dueting and over-consumption of stripy cupcakes.

It was a LOT of fun. We held our first children’s event in the afternoon and followed it with a slightly (but only slightly) more grown up affair in the evening, both held in lovely Pickled Pepper bookshop in Crouch End.

Friends new and old came to celebrate with Clara’s and my families, and there was wonderful support from our brilliant publishers at Walker Books. Honoured guests ranged in age from 4 months to 88 years old.

I completely failed to take a single photo, so below are shamelessly pilfered from others. Thank you- THANK YOU- to everyone who joined our party.

Launch1 launch2 launch3 launch4 launch5 launch6 launch7 launch9launch8

Photos via Twitter, taken by kindness of Hannah and Molly at Walker books and Imogen Russell Williams.

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