One WEEK and our first real Mango!

(to be sung to favourite jaunty marching tune)

One week to go! One week to go! One week- that’s one more week. Just one week to go!

(rest of post not intended to be sung, but do feel free if that’s your preference)

There’s one week to go until the publication of Mango and Bambang; the Not-a-Pig! Did you perhaps gather that already? Yippeee!

I am waking early with nerves again so I’m sublimating with possibly overly in depth ponderings on black and white and purple catering options for our small launch party. My google search history now includes ‘Uses of black sesame seeds’ and ‘Does mini purple endive exist and is it disgusting?’

There’s been essential testing too-

purple crisps

I had a thought, after a helpful discussion on Twitter. that I’d learn how to make macarons. How hard could they be? I’d ignore my previous Epic Failures in Meringue Making and get it right this time. Because what could be a prettier or a more dainty offering than a stack of black (black sesame flavour!) or purple macarons with white filling? I’d start with an easy recipe and work up I thought.



A cube of cheese and an olive on a stick- that’s what people will really enjoy isn’t it?

But then something happened to banish ALL miserable macaron navel-gazing. It’s Book Week in Australian schools this week, when children dress up as a favourite character and Clara was tweeted this picture from Candelo bookshop in Bega, NSW.


Bega, I have learned, is 260 miles south of Sydney and about 10,700 miles south-east of London. It has a population of just under 5,000 (about the same as Tenby or Frinton) and is famous for its cheese. And there’s an 8 year old girl there, whose parents run an independent book shop, and who has read and liked our book enough to choose to be Mango for the day! That is about the most thrilling thing that has ever happened to me. How wonderful to make that connection on the other side of the world.

Here, exclusively, is “Mango’s” review, too.

“I love how she can do heaps of stuff like karate and baking. I like the kind boy. I like the feeling of not being able to see the dad. I like the funny bits, like where Bambang zooms down the bannister and lands in a heap. I like the story The Song of the Tapir best.”

Thank you Mango and kind parents! I’d offer you a macaron but…

and-oh  did I say?- ONE WEEK!

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