One Month Countdown!

Today is OFFICIALLY one month until the first Mango and Bambang book will OFFICIALLY be available in OFFICIAL actual shops.


I reckon it’s time to try and stop the bouts of frankly annoying, self-indulgent angsting and start enjoying the fun. It helps that kind people with advance copies are saying kind things. It helps that I’m about to go on holiday (taking Bambang too of course, to fill him full of ice cream and sunshine before his big book birthday). It helps that I have been sent a BAR OF CHOCOLATE WITH MY ACTUAL NAME ON by Walker books Australia.

I have a pile of bookmarks and two swanny whistles. I’m (almost) ready to be a proper published author.

Cor-y Cor Cor.

Another reason to take Bambang on holiday with me. I don’t think I should leave him alone with this-

DSC04107 DSC04108

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