It’s just a…

…badge. But looking at it on the way home from my first proper publishing party gave me a small glow of pride.


Am I really an author? Yes I am. I AM!


And that wasn’t the only brooch I got that evening. Clara gave me one of these to match her own, made by very brilliant felt artist Josie Armand Smith:


My own wearable Bambang! Isn’t he wonderful? But as you can see from his expression he also gets a little nervous about new experiences. I felt positively mother hen-ish introducing him to illustrious company at a party for the first time. As we were both a bit excited, I had to remind him not to eat all the canapes and he had to remind me not to drink too much wine. We did all right I think. To help feel brave, I had a new black and white tapir striped dress and purple shoes that co-ordinate with the first book’s cover. But look!-


Next time I’ll be able to have tapir striped legs too! Just like Marilyn…or is it Diana? (confusing) Whoever she is she is certainly very pleased with her tights…


  1. Yes you are. YOU ARE!
    You and your Bambang were the talking point of the party.
    I am very tempted by the Marilyn/Diana striped tights (but not by the prospect of us being two halves of a pantomime tapir so let’s not even go there…)


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