It’s just a…

…badge. But looking at it on the way home from my first proper publishing party gave me a small glow of pride.


Am I really an author? Yes I am. I AM!


And that wasn’t the only brooch I got that evening. Clara gave me one of these to match her own, made by very brilliant felt artist Josie Armand Smith:


My own wearable Bambang! Isn’t he wonderful? But as you can see from his expression he also gets a little nervous about new experiences. I felt positively mother hen-ish introducing him to illustrious company at a party for the first time. As we were both a bit excited, I had to remind him not to eat all the canapes and he had to remind me not to drink too much wine. We did all right I think. To help feel brave, I had a new black and white tapir striped dress and purple shoes that co-ordinate with the first book’s cover. But look!-


Next time I’ll be able to have tapir striped legs too! Just like Marilyn…or is it Diana? (confusing) Whoever she is she is certainly very pleased with her tights…

3 Replies to “It’s just a…”

  1. Yes you are. YOU ARE!
    You and your Bambang were the talking point of the party.
    I am very tempted by the Marilyn/Diana striped tights (but not by the prospect of us being two halves of a pantomime tapir so let’s not even go there…)


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