Happy New Year!

A new year and a new blog. In 2014 I wrote and sold my first book. June 2015 will see it published by wonderful Walker books.

*pause whilst I shout WHOOPEE! for the 456th time and dance a little jig around the room*

There’s a limited amount I can tell you about my book at the moment- except that it will be BEAUTIFUL because it’s crammed full of wonderful illustrations by Clara Vulliamy. You can read a little bit more back at my old blog here or at Clara’s here.

It felt the right time to stop reviewing other people’s books as I become more involved with my own- although I dare say I shan’t be able to help jumping up and down enthusiastically when I come across a particularly special one. In this new blog I’ll be sharing some of the adventures of becoming a published author. There won’t be ‘writing tips’; I still have my learner plates on. There will be book news, biscuit news and gratuitous pictures of our cat Jones.

In the meantime I’m just beginning to settle in: Selecting some scatter cushions, putting up a few pictures and keeping the kettle on for any visitors. Current biscuit status is GOOD- please- help yourself, it’s still the holidays after all-


Current cat status is Sitting On a Bag Looking Winsome-



But- hang on… THIS is neither biscuits nor cat. What could it be? Hmmm.

2 Replies to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Knock knock! Can I be your first visitor? I’ll have one of those chocolate squares, please.
    I love the purple lettering against the black and white stripes – and what a mysterious third picture! It looks warm, velvety and baggy, all my favourite things…


    1. Tee hee YES. Come on in. You *can* have the chocolate square. I think it unlikely anyone is going to have that piece of Christmas cake now. Purple and black and white go very nicely together I thought.
      It is a mysterious picture isn’t it? Definitely warm, hopefully velvety in parts. Baggy you think? hmmm


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