About me

I write books for children. I live in London with my husband, two sons and two cats; the exceedingly fluffy Alan and his sleek moustachioed sister Babs.

This is me at my messy desk. I write on a computer because I have terrible handwriting. I don’t normally wear a hat when I’m writing but it was a very cold day and our heating had broken!
This is Alan. He is looking very pleased with himself because he has just eaten a mouse. But only half of a mouse.
This is Babs helping me with my work. Her teeth and claws are ruthless editors. See how messy my handwriting is?

My favourite things include the colour yellow, cheesy puff crisps, the seaside on a cold day, reaching the top of a mountain, patting ponies, dark chocolate brownies, bedtime, bonfires, bluebell woods, crazy golf, fizzy cola bottles, stripy socks, sledging, reading aloud, roses, hot baths, feeding ducks, Scrabble, a good stick, mud pies, free wheeling on a bicycle and pudding.

I don’t like plummeting-type heights. Or candied peel.